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Increase Battery Life of Smart Phones

An App to Increase Battery Life of Smart Phones

Author: Gayatri Radhakrishnan

Smartphone users always face low battery problems because they have lots of applications on their phone. Applications basically need lot of power to run because of which phone batteries decrease at a faster rate. Smartphone users thus face problem when their phone gets switched off due to low battery. To avoid such problems, a team from the University of California Berkley has come up with a program that will help Smartphone users save their phone’s battery power. Apart from phone the program will also save battery of tablets and portable music players.

The app named “Caret” since its release has been downloaded by more than 36,000 Android and Apple users. This app works silently without disturbing any other application. It works by collecting data from a community of mobile devices. The application when installed on a device takes the measurement of the device i.e. how it is being used from time to time. The measurements are then sent to a server where it is analyzed statistically. After some days of thorough study, the results are sent to the user in the form of an advice on how he or she can improve the ways of using the device for saving battery.

The main reason of phones losing their battery power is due to excessive use of applications and selecting the bright screen option. But, with “Caret” users can enjoy using their favorite apps swiftly. According to this application the Skype, Yelp and Pandora apps consume most of the power. The data which is sent by the app to the server is very confidential and the identity of the user is kept as anonymous. Users thus need not worry about their identity being disclosed.

The app keeps track on the many activities of the device in which it is installed. It also keeps check on the percentage of the remaining battery, the device memory and CPU utilization, operating system, model of the device. Apart from that it also keeps check on the unique device ID and whether the battery is plugged in or not.

The data collected by the app however would never be sold or advertised to any advertising agency as the creators of this app will see to it that the privacy policy is maintained. OS and iOS users who have not yet installed this app make sure you install it as soon as possible to enjoy using all the applications without battery worry.

Carat can be downloaded for iOS here:

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