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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

It seems that yet again the Call of Duty series will be adding another chapter to one of the best-selling first-person shooters games in the world. This installment of the franchise will be developed by the Infinity Ward Studios. If you haven’t noticed by now, Infinity Ward and Trearch take turns developing the Call of Duty series, and each developer has their own special features they like to apply to their perspective game.

The previous game, Call of Duty: Black Ops was produced by Trearch. They focus more on battles that have taken place all throughout history and incorporate features such as the very popular Zombie modes. While on the other side is Infinity Ward. Their Modern Warfare series adds the very addicting spec-ops mode and arguably one of the best multi-player experiences on any console. Infinity Ward usually bases their battles on events at have happened more recently.

Infinity Ward has made some major changes since they finished Modern Warfare 2, mainly in their development team. They have lost some of their developers to other companies, and many of the people that play the game seem to think that this is going to effect the quality of the new game that will be coming out in early November. However, Infinity Ward always seems to deliver a top-notch game no matter what anybody else thinks or says.

The games single-player campaign takes place in many locations around the world and is said to start off right where the Modern Warfare 2 story left off. I have enjoyed the previous campaigns of the Call of Duty series and I am sure I will enjoy this one as well. But, for me and probably everyone else out there, the main attraction is the online multi-player. I’m not sure at this point what new features will be included in that game but I have read that there will be some new perks and kill streaks that will make the game play more interesting than before. Another rumor that I have run across is that there will be dedicated servers for online play. Which, if true means that all of those nagging server and disconnecting issues will be almost non-existent. Which is tremendous news for all those gamers that have had their host back out of the game right before the match ends, which is one of the most aggravating issues that I have come across.

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Along with these few things I have mentioned, I’m sure there will be many more updates to Modern Warfare 3 that make the playing of the game more enjoyable. I am very excited to get to play this game.

If you are looking forward to the release of Modern Warfare 3 as much as I am then you will want to visit the Call of Duty Warfare 3 Blog at for the latest news and pics of the up and coming blockbuster game. There will be many more updates on the blog in the future when new information is released.

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