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Black Ops Zombies Tips

When it comes to Call of Duty: Black Ops, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the “zombies” are the funnest part of the game, for me anyway. When I first started playing, I usually couldn’t make it beyond level 3 or 4 without dying. This is because I hadn’t used a few simple tricks to getting the power on and reaching the gas zombies.

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This is the most common mistake that I made when I first started playing. Use the knife for the first three levels or more depending on your gaming ability. Here is a trick to knowing how many times you’re going to have to stab the zombies to get them to die: 1 stab for each level. If you’re on level two, it’s going to take you two stabs to kill them; if you’re on level three, it’s going to take three stabs; however, this is all until you get “insta-kill”, then even if you are on level 8, you should start cutting zombies, because it will only take one stab during the time period you have “insta-kill”. Insta-kill looks like a little skull and you will hear a zombie whisper it once you’ve obtained it. It usually comes from killing a lot of zombies at once. You have especially hit the jackpot if you get both “insta-kill” and “double points”, which looks like an “X2” at the bottom of your screen. Knife stabs should generate about 130 points per kill. Remember to back up after each stab, since the zombies will most likely swing at you if you don’t kill them the first stab.


Weapon choice is absolutely the most important thing for killing the zombies late into the game. You don’t want to get your weapon too soon, I’d initially wait for level 4 to start using weapons for the reasons mentioned above. The weapon of choice should be the shotgun. It only uses two shells at a time, but one shot kills the zombies instantly, 99.9% of the time anyway. Wait until level 4 to buy the shotgun, or any other weapon for that matter.


Double player makes it a lot harder on you. The screen is smaller, so you cannot view with good detail, you cannot buy a “revive” and two player revive just isn’t the same since there can’t be any zombies around whenever the 2nd player revives you anyway, or else the 2nd player will most likely get struck from behind.


If you’ve ever looked behind you on the wall to where you first start out in the lobby you will see “beware of the six” written in white paint. This is simply warning you from the level 5 “demon dogs” that are on fire and charge you at lightning speeds. The approach to beat them is actually more simple than than the zombies. Get back into a corner “usually where the revive machine is” and shoot in front of the dogs as they’re charging towards you, this will give it enough time so that you hit the dog, because if you aim it at the dog, by the time you pull the trigger he’s going to be in front of you. You usually won’t see the dogs right at level 5 if you’ve already died and been revived once before level 5, so try to stay active for the first 5 levels.


These are perhaps the easiest points you can get and it is also better for you because you have more warnings of zombies coming through them rather than them just crawling out of opening spaces. There are four barriers that can be rebuild in a matter of seconds in the lobby. You can even shoot zombies and stab zombies while rebuilding the barriers. There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t rebuild those barriers.

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