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NetFlix Canada Review

NetFlix has arrived in Canada! After announcing of their plans to enter Canadian households, NetFlix is now live. So I’ve decided to publish my Netflix Canada review.

Canadians will now be able to enjoy movies and tv shows streamed right to their PCs, PlayStation 3s (PS3) and Nintendo Wiis. XBox 360 owners will have a wait a tiny bit longer, but the service will be available the 360 as well can access Netflix too, but you require a XBox Live Gold membership to access the service. Don’t get me started on XBox Live requirement to access Netflix, I’ve blogged about it here. Now there is also a NetFlix app found in Apple’s App Store and that it a free download so you can enjoy the service on your iPod/iPhone/iPad.

NetFlix is offering Canadians a free one month trial to their their service and charging $7.99 per month for unlimited streaming once your trial is over. Now as of this post (September 29th 2010), the service in Canada is $1 cheaper than in the US! I think we’re doing pretty good!

So what can you expect?I signed up 2 days ago and in all honesty, the selection is rather small. Now I have been using the service through my PS3 and the actual ‘streaming’ part of the service is not bad at all very good. I selected the movie I wanted to watch, waited a few seconds for buffering and the movie began. Smooth playback with no buffering during playback.

In terms of content, it’s kind of lacking. When looking at movie content, not all the latest and greatest is on there but there are close to recent titles. When looking at tv programs, then you’re behind about 2 seasons. So if there’s a tv show CURRENTLY in it’s 7th season, you’ll find the first 5 seasons on Netflix.

In terms of children content, there plenty to keep your child entertained. Having a Netflix subscription is was more handy than spending you money DVD collections.

I highly advise you to try the service, it is free after all and if you can get through everything you want to see within the month, just cancel. But it is a hand service to have. It’ll will keep you entertained and your children if you need something to turn on. Netflix can be accessed from most current generation gaming consoles, most smart tvs, mobile phones, tablets and your computer.



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