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10 things I hate about Extreme Fitness North York

10. Guys that use the blow dryer to dry their swimming trunks and cause them to over heat and shut down.
9. Guys who inhale on a movement and makes a really annoying whistling sound heard everywhere in the gym
8. Guys who leave their used soaps, razors and anything else personal in the shower.
7. Someone using the squat rack for bicep curls and or should presses and not doing one single leg exercise.
6. Guys who train in flip flops/beach sandals
5. Personal Trainers that HAVE NOT heard the name Dr. JOHN BERARDI.
4. Some who leaves the dumbbells they’ve used on the floor and no placing them BACK on the rack.
3. Guys who stare at themselves in the mirror flexing their biceps.
2. Guys who use the blow dryer to dry their lower back/ass hairs.
1. Guys use the blow dryer to dry their pubes (FRONT SIDE! I KID YOU NOT!!)

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