U2 Fruitleg: Melon Remixes

U2 MelonMelon: Remixes for Propaganda is a compilation of remixes released by Irish rock band U2 exclusively to members of the band’s magazine/fan club, Propaganda, in spring 1995. Some of the remixes were previously available on singles and some have been re-released on later singles and compilations, while some remain exclusive to this set. The title “Melon” is an anagram of “Lemon,” which is a reference to U2’s song of the same name that appears on two tracks of the album.

The idea behind the album began when U2 lead singer Bono complained how people do not dance to U2 music. The album was then created for the band to develop experimental music and “change people’s perceptions of what to think of U2”.Prior to its release, rumors about the album circulated for three years. Except for copies sent to radio stations, music press outlets, and friends of the band, Melon was only distributed to subscribers of U2’s official magazine, Propaganda. At the time of release, Propaganda had around 35,000 subscribers, and fewer than 50,000 copies of Melon were pressed for release. For those who were not members of the magazine, the album was obtainable by signing up for a one-year subscription to Propaganda for US$18, until supplies were exhausted.The album’s rarity made it a collector’s item, with copies selling on eBay for £30 as late as 2010.

Melon spawned numerous bootleg imitations and was widely bootlegged itself. Various releases, known as “fruitlegs” or “fruitboots”, have been released as compilations of official and unofficial remixes of various U2 songs.Although they claim to be official with the “Remixed for Propaganda” subtitle and a fake copyright, only Melon was approved by the band and released through the fan club.

No. Title Remixed by Length
1. Lemon” (the Perfecto mix) Paul Oakenfold and Steve Osborne 8:57
2. “Salomé” (Zooromancer remix) Pete Heller and Terry Farley 8:02
3. Numb” (Gimme Some More Dignity mix) Rollo and Rob D 8:47
4. Mysterious Ways” (the Perfecto mix) Paul Oakenfold and Steve Osborne 7:07
5. Stay ” (Underdog mix) Underdog 6:45
6. “Numb” (the Soul Assassins mix) Soul Assassins 3:58
7. “Mysterious Ways” (remixed by Massive Attack) Massive Attack 4:50
8. Even Better Than the Real Thing” (the Perfecto mix) Paul Oakenfold and Steve Osborne 6:39
9. “Lemon” (Bad Yard Club mix) David Morales 8:36


Salome (Zooromancer Mix)

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