'iPod Classic' Theme On iPod Video 5g Hack

‘iPod Classic’ theme on iPod Video 5g Hack tutorial.

This tutorial will show you how to hack and install custom firmware on your iPod Video 5g. The hack will give you the iPod Classic theme on your iPod Video 5G. If you have an iPod video but not sure if you have the 5g or 5.5g; the 5.5g has the SEARCH feature in the menu. SEARCH is not support and therefore not found on the iPod Video 5g.

This will work for 5.5g as well, just be sure to download and use the correct FIRMWARE!!


iPodWizard: http://www.ipodwizard.net/
iPod Video 5g/5.5g firmware and instructions: http://fdefault.com/ipod/5g55g-ipod-neue-classic

Very easy to do!



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2 thoughts on “'iPod Classic' Theme On iPod Video 5g Hack

  1. Gracias a tu video publicado en youtube, encontre el firmware mejor disenado para que mi iPod Video 5G pareciera iPod Classic, Muchas Gracias… 🙂 🙂 🙂

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