Maurizio Bevilacqua On Linda Jackson Defeat

Maurizio BevilacquaIt’s 2010 and the City Of Vaughan has elected a new mayor. FINALLY, a candidate worthy of Vaughan’s mayorship.

I no longer live in Vaughan but if I did, my vote would go to Maurizio Bevilacqua.

In 2006, deciding between Michael DiBiasi and Linda Jackson was a real head scratcher. Michael had experience sitting in as mayor but his reputation was questionable. Have you heard the story of Michael DiBiasi’s traffic tickets magically disappearing? Well, I’ll save that for a future post. And then there was Linda Jackson. Linda, daughter of Lorna Jackson thought that being a daughter of a city official was enough to count as ‘experience’ to sit in the mayor’s seat. As you can see, the pickings were thin in 2006 and was enough to keep anyone from voting. And during the 2006 campaign, Linda had claimed the city council was so corrupt, one would need a front end loader and a 40 yard bin to clean up the city. Linda won, and half way through her term, council demanded for her resignation. Linda never resigned and fulfilled her term as mayor until 2010.

And now we’re at the present. Maurizio probably won because he is so well known and has held on to win his federal riding for 22 years! So I guess Maurizio is also well liked.

Anyway, please watch the video below. It’s of Maurizio Bevilacqua puppet offering some advice to Linda Jackson. I think it’s both cute and funny:


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