Add Kodi To Amazon Fire TV Home Screen

Add Kodi To Amazon Fire TV Home Screen


For those that have installed Kodi on their Amazon Fire TV, here’s the ‘How To’ to add Kodi to Amazon Fire TV Home screen.

While watching the video, you’ll see the application we used is called ADBFire, however, you cannot link the app shortcut icon to no longer works, and this could be due to updated firmware on the Fire TV boxes.

So what we did in the second half of the video, was manually link the shortcut to Kodi. Was done by using Lama which is installed when using ADBFire to replace the icon with a Kodi icon.

For all the details, what the video, should be very simple to follow.

If Llama import fails: Manual setting Llama …
If import fails, then you can do this also manually as follows:

  1. “Events” (scroll right), and select the “+” button at the bottom (click “down”, “right”).
  2. On the next page, click the “Add Condition” button (click 4x “down”), where we select “Active application“.
  3. In the popup window select “Choose an app” and choose “IkonoTV” and click “OK“.
  4. Next, select the “Add Action” button (bottom right) and select “Run Application” and choose “Kodi“.

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  1. when clicking “test actions”, it does not load up kodi. after going to the homescreen, it launches ikono not kodi. help?

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