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XBox Live

For those who are just getting into XBox 360 and or are wondering what to expect from the XBox Live, I’ve decided to post a short writing on my opinion on the XBox Live Gold membership.



XBox Live provides a lot of features, but I feel that Microsoft is confused with what they’ve locked behind the Gold membership and what’s available for free as a Silver member. While the whole Live experience which is a refined stable environment for online gaming, which has matured over the existence of XBox Live there are apps that are open to Gold members which I believe do not belong to be a part of the paid Gold membership subscription.



Services such as Netflix are only accessible if you’re a paying member of XBox Live which is ridiculous. What you’re doing to access you paid Netflix service is to pay again to use it on an Xbox 360. And don’t even get me started on the FREE services such Twitter, YouTube, Vevo….service that are already free to use are now subject to a fee if you want to view or listen to content on a Xbox 360. Why are we subjected to limited use of our XBoxes only to PAY to get more use out of it?



I am a paying member of XBox Live and the only reason why I am a Gold member is because I purchase Gold membership cards when on sale at Best Buy, Future Shop, Dell.Ca and even Amazon. I’ve paid anywhere between $34.99 to $39.99. To pay $59.99, in my opinion, it’s not worth it if you play games online. If you want to jump on XBox Live Gold, wait for a sale other wise paying to access FREE or already paid for services is a waste of money. If you play online, then you need a Live Gold membership to play with others regardless.



But my point is this, Microsoft shouldn’t lock away free services such as Twitter, YouTube and Vevo just to name a few, behind a paid subscription membership. It’s really not fair to charge a premium on service that are free to use to begin with.

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