OUYA Unfairly Targeted at E3 2013


OUYA, the open source Android console has been unfairly targeted at this year’s E3 2013. After reading the article posted by IGN, it appears that attempts were made to BLOCK OUYA‘s display from E3 attendees.¬†Entertainment Software Association (ESA), the company which owns and operates the E3 Expo went as far as calling the police to shut down OUYA‘s public presence.


The incident escalated when Ouya organizers had their console on display across the street from the Los Angeles Convention Centre. ESA then rented out spaces on front of the Ouya displays and parked semi-trucks in which Ouya was blocked from view. Clearly, we see the start of Ouya unfairly targeted.


Ouya then responded by renting out the spots in front of the semi-trucks and setup their banners and displays. Finally, ESA took action again and called the LAPD. The police showed up and asked to see Ouya‘s permits.


My opinion on this matter; ESA is acting very childish. Julie Urhman, founder of the Ouya console feels that the ESA is targeting Ouya, because they decided to attend E3 on their own terms renting out space on the street raising Ouya awareness.

The E3 Expo is about gaming, technology and entertainment, the ESA has showed us that the expo is nothing more than a tech show that puts profits in front of showing off the latest and greatest of what’s to come in the tech world.

I support Ouya, they have a mission of putting developers and gamers first and deserve to be recognized in the gaming realm.


E3 2013: Cops Called to Shut Down Ouya | IGN

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