U2 Fruitleg: Pineapple Remixes

One of the number of ‘fruitleg’ rare discs of U2 remixes. A great addition to any U2 collection!

Pineapple Track Listing

“Numb” (Video Remix)
“Can’t Help Falling In Love” (Mystery Train Dub Edit)
“Night And Day” (Twilight Remix)
“God Part II” (The Hard Metal EFX Weapon Dance Mix Of Art)
“Even Better Than The Real Thing” (Hot Tracks Remix)
“Lemon” (Bad Yard Club Version Dub Edited)
“Desire” (Hollywood Full Length Promo Remix)
“The Unforgettable Fire” (Propyro Mix)
“Until The End Of The World” (Ultra Hot Razor Cut)

http://www.fileserve.com/file/Vp3tEuv/U2 Р1996 РPineapple  Remixes For Propaganda [128].rar

SAMPLE DOWNLOAD: 09. U2 РUntil The End Of The World Ultra Hot Razor Cut

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