U2 Fruitleg: Apricot Remixes

Apricot FrontHere’s another update to my U2 Remixes For Propaganda Fruitleg Collection. As you can tell by the title, it’s APRICOT. Album art is included in the archive.
UPDATE: Nov 17th 2010, album has been updated again, link fixed, please enjoy…and there’s no password.

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Acrobat (Demo 1990)
Christmas Baby Please Come Home (original)
Bass Trap (original)
Please (Factory)
Peace On Earth / Walk On (A Tribute To Heroes)
One (special live orchestral)
New Year’s Dub (Skynet mix)
New Year’s Dub (Hybrid Mix)
New Year’s Day (A Bit Of U2 Kiss AMC Razormaid Remix)
New Year’s Day (Skynet Mix Vinyl)
My Time Hasn’t Come (Joshua Tree Outtake)
Mofo (DJ POOP Remix)
In Gods Country (Rock 2000 Positronic Mix/ Devil In The Remix)
Did You Wanna (Original)
The First Time (Innovative Remix)


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