Stream Media From Western Digital MyBookLive To Playbook

If you’re a Playbook owner you should be please to know you can stream media from a media server such as TwonkyMedia to your Blackberry Playbook. Please note this has been tested and working with TwonkyMedia and it’s very easy to do.

1)  Open up the Blackberry Playbook Browser.

2)  Go to TwonkyMedia Browser Page:

type in http://<mybook live ip address>:9000/webbrowse
eg.  my ip was set to
so for me the url is be

3)  Prove to yourself that it works:

Click on the Videos link and pick something to play.  You will see that you can expand to full screen and jump to any point in the video.

4)  Navigate To The Start Page You Want:

After playing a video, click BACK to either the TwonkyMedia Start Page or drill down to where you want to start.  For example, if you always want to access Videos, then Bookmark the Videos, which in my case ishttp://$3

5)  Save your Favorite to look like an App Icon:

Click the Start/plus icon in the top right corner of the browser screen.  Select [add to Home Screen].  Name it MyBookLive.  Then go find the icon and drag it Media.

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One thought on “Stream Media From Western Digital MyBookLive To Playbook

  1. Did the above as I have a playbook and my book live. Although I can access all the files it won’t play the videos saying unsupported format I mean the music files play ok and photos work but are thumbnail size .that will be a setting of some kind probably. I play movie files off my book live on my xbox in living room but wanted to access my movie files in say work or the bedroom from my pb any ideas???

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