Samsung SCH-R610 Wallpapers

After I got my new Samsung R610, I noticed that it only came loaded with 3 wallpapers. And add to the fact that they are all boring.

So I go thinking, what kind of interesting wallpaper can I create…and that’s when it hit me. “Why don’t I create a wallpaper that fools people?” I though to myself.

So I began looking for windows, and mac wallpaper and application icons. I you haven’t noticed, I created a fake desktop for your phone.

Now the screen resolution for the R610 is 176 px x 220 px. But the R610 has a navigation feature called the “Carousel”. The Carousel is kinda cool, but it takes up some screen real estate so the wall paper has to get shrunk down to 176 px x 176 px to fit perfectly without loosing and details.

Here’s where you can get your own wallpapers and if you have suggests for more wallpaper, share your comments and I’ll do my best to post them.

*It’s important to note that once you’ve selected your new wallpaper, reboot the phone so the image get properly centered on your screen. If you don’t reboot, the wallpaper will load from the bottom of you display and leave a black bar across the top of your display.


Sal Ciampa

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2 thoughts on “Samsung SCH-R610 Wallpapers

  1. Hi, I was wondering how you transferred the custom wallpapers to the SCH-r610.

    For example, if I’ve made a little gif or jpg, how do i send it to the phone without sending a photo text message from the computer (or another phone)?

    I do not have bluetooth on my computer…any suggestions? (BitPim does not list the SCH-R610 as compliant)

    reply to simonsickboy at

  2. @anonymous:
    My R610 came with a USB cable. Did yours?
    If it did, punch ‘OK’, 3 (Entertainment), 3 (Memory Card), 1 (Connect to PC). Then treat the phone as a USB stick.
    You can also pull out the memory card, slip it in it’s adapter and use an SD card reader to dump your images onto the card.
    Then put the card in your phone, transfer the pictures to the phone and assign it as your wallpaper.

    Does this help?

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