Photoshop CS3 does not run on Vista

Ok, the title is a little misleading, but here’s a little problem I ran into while trying to run Photoshop CS3 on Vista. After successfully installing Photoshop CS3, I went to run the software and as the splash screen was loading it would just stop the execution and stop running. I’d get a message from Vista saying that the application could not continue to run. I found it VERY odd that very recent software would not run on Vista.

So long story short, this is how I fixed it. I read someone’s forum post that Photoshop CS3 requires a physical default printer. I had not installed my printer software yet so I went ahead in installed my printer.

And amazingly, after the printer was setup, Photoshop CS3 loaded and ran just perfectly. I hope this post helps someone out there.

Sal Ciampa

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