MAC OS X INSTALLED on my Intel computer

Yes, you’ve read it right. I successfully installed OS X on my Intel based pc.

Wasn’t difficult at all. In a nutshell I;

  • downloaded MAC OS image
  • converted MAC image to .ISO
  • checked MD5 hash
  • patched .ISO so it would work with Intel
  • burned .ISO to DVD
  • booted computer with DVD
  • follow instructions: partitions, accounts etc.
  • play

Here’s a few screen shots from the loading and booting of the OS

It does help to have compatible hardware. My motherboard’s NIC card, and audio card were not installed by the OS. There’s fully compatible hardware out there, and it’s not that difficult to find. It is possible to build your own MAC for a little over $200.00 (USD).

So why spend thousands when you can build one for next to nothing. But after an hour, I went back to XP.

Sal Ciampa

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One thought on “MAC OS X INSTALLED on my Intel computer

  1. Dude, that’s AWESOME! You’ve got to hit me up with a copy of that!

    Or at least send me a link with to the appropriate site.

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