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Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 is now available for download. Since IE8, this is the best browser Microsoft ever release, it comes with improved performance, improved Tracking Protection, the option to pin multiple targets per page, and the option to add a new tab row (I like this feature alot). After trying it out for 2 days, I think it is a huge improvement over IE8.

As for speed, it is hard to tell. 1 to 2 second faster or slower than other browsers is not a big deal for me. Another important feature is the Security-enabled Download Manager, it manages file transfers and can pause and resume downloads and informs if a file may be malicious.

I am not going into details on the features, you can find that on the web, no point repeating it over here again. If you’re interested in IE9, you’ll need the following system requirements – 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows Server 2008 (with Platform Update and IE8), sadly Windows XP is not supported. Which is somewhat ironic since Microsoft has this campaign on killing off IE6.

As for genuine Windows, I think it is not part of the requirement like what was required by IE8. Maybe I am wrong because I don’t have a pirated windows to play around with. Download Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.

All in all, it is a good browser. As for security, well have to wait for a month or two to know if there are any security holes. Till then, it is a reliable browser. Having said that, Firefox is still my default browser, for a simple reason – familiarity.

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