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Lately, my YouTube video ‘Connect your pc to a HDTV’ has been getting a lot of attention. Over that past several months, it’s been one of my most viewed videos. So I decided to post an article on the subject of how to connect your pc to a hdtv. I guess 27″ computer monitors aren’t big enough for some folks, LOL! Hopefully you find my post to connect a pc to a HDTV helpful!


This article is being written base in my experience with my own computer and hdtv. My computer has a custom rig, nothing special. At the time I recorded the video, I had an Asus EN8400GS SILENT/DI/512MD2(LP) nVidia 8400GS Chipset 512MB video card which supports DVI and HDMI out running on Windows 7. My television was (which I still currently own) a Samsung 42″ Plasma 430 Series (2010).


When I connected my video card to the HDMI connector on my hdtv, the cable I used was a DVI to HDMI cable. On the back of my Samsung, one of my HDMI ports was labeled with “DVI” next to it, so I plugged in my cable to the “DVI” HDMI port.

I also required to connect the audio from my PC to the audio input of my tv. I used a 1/8″ stereo plug.

There was really nothing else to configure on my tv, just set the correct resolution on your computer and you’re done.

I haven’t tried connecting via HDMI which would cut out the need to connect you audio separately  If you experiment with an HDMI cab;e, please share your findings below in the comment section.


Plasma’s suffer from burn in so make sure you have the image in your hdtv to shift every once and while to prevent static images (like desktop wallpaper and icons) from burning on to your HDTV display. I have my image shift over about 5 pixels.


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