Budget Sandy Bridge Hackintosh 2012

Cheapest Mac you can find is a Mac Mini….for $599 brand new. Here is a list of parts and supplies you can build a Hackintosh cheaply and effectively.

Assuming you have a keyboard, mouse and monitor, the system below will give a very nice basic hackintosh that fully supported by Lion using Tony Mac’s UniBeast tool.

CPU Intel Core i3-2105
Motherboard Gigabyte
Alternate Motherboard Gigabyte
Case + Power Supply APEX MI-008 Mini-ITX
Case Thermaltake Lanbox
Lite VF6000BWS MicroATX/ITX
Gaming Cube PC Case

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2 thoughts on “Budget Sandy Bridge Hackintosh 2012

  1. Do you have Canadian pricing on this?
    Would everything…like facetime work?
    Is it that easy to assemble…
    Can you add regular ram to a macmini or would you have to buy Apple ram?


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