Getting Started With Bit Torrent (uTorrent)

Getting Started With Bit Torrent (uTorrent)

Ok, so this will help you with getting started with bit torrent. For all you readers that are still not in the Torrent game.

Check list:

  • uTorrent software (aka Torrent client):
  • Website to download Torrent files:

Steps: 1. Download uTorrent on to your desktop and install it. After installing you should find a new “U” icon on your desktop. Launch uTorrent. 2. Open up Internet Explorer (or whatever you surf the internet with). Navigate to 3. (On IsoHunt) Use the search bar and type the movie you want.
Figure 1. shows the search bar. Type ‘Iron Man’ as an example
figure 1

Figure 2. shows the results of your search. Pay attention to the column “S” noted by the red circle I drew around the column. “S” stands for SEEDERS. SEEDERS are the number of COMPLETE copies of the movie out there available to download from. Click “S” and you’ll organize the column by the torrents with the MOST seeders on top.
figure 2

Figure 3. You want to download the torrent file with the most seeders because that will make your download run faster.
figure 3

Figure 4. Click the title, it’ll bring you to the Torrent download page.
figure 4

Figure 5. Click on ‘Download .Torrent’. You will be prompted to either SAVE or OPEN. Click OPEN and uTorrent will open the torrent file and being downloading the move.
figure 5

And that’s pretty much it…just wait for the download to complete and you’ll find the movie in your DOWNLOADS folder.

Hope this helps!!!

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