Record HD Video With iPhone 3Gs

Apple A4 ChipSurprised at the title? It appears that the iPhone 3Gs’s processor can handle HD video recording.

One quick look at the ARM Cortex processor that the 3GS uses [PDF Spec], it’s apparent that the chip is capable of handling 720p video encoding.  So all you need to do is by-pass the artificial limitation Apple has imposed on the hardware.

One thing though, is that you must first jailbreak your iPhone and second, install the hack manually into your iphone.

I’ve read that there is a Cydia App coming, but you can do this on your own if you’re impatient. Check out the video captured with the new HD settings.


A few notes:

  • The video is no longer stretched, you are recording at 1080×800, which is 4:3, just like the original video.
  • The video is a lot higher in resolution and bitrate than the original, but the low light capability did not change.  So you’ll still see grains in dark areas.
  • The video will playback smoothly in the Camera Roll in full res.
  • if you email the video or send it to youtube using iOS, it will reencode it to a lower quality.  Use Pixelpipe from the appstore to upload in original quality, or download it to your computer and go from there.
  • I also increased the maximum shutter duration (in still picture mode) so the iphone can take photos in much darker areas, but you need to hold the phone still.  Tripod or a steady surface is recommended.
  • There is a cydia app coming for all you non-tinkerers.

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All the details from it’s creator can be found here: RECORD HD VIDEO WITH iPHONE 3Gs

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