Free Calls With Talkatone On iPhone

TalkatoneCanada was left out when Google Voice launched, but thanks to Talkatone, iPhone users can make calls over 3G/WiFi using using Google Voices’ services for FREE!

Talkatone is FREE and available NOW in Apple’s App Store.

All you need is a GMail account and to use Google Talk at least ONCE.

Here’s what I grabbed from Talkatone’s website:

Talkatone is truly social. It helps you to chat, talk or exchange location with your GTalk friends and it’s extremely lightweight.

We designed and created it for ourselves. We wanted an iPhone GTalk client to communicate freely and instantly. And our friends loved Talkatone. That’s why we want to share it with you.

Exchange messages on your iPhone or call your friends if you need a voice communication. Invite your friends to Talkatone, they will love it.

Talkatone is free. It’s a Social Phone, pure and simple.

How to setup:

1. Login to your GMail account on Mac or PC and sign in to chat there
2. Make at least one phone call from there using “Call phone” button. If you don’t have “Call phone” you may need to install Google Video chat plugin first.
3. Optionally: To receive your Google Voice calls in Talkatone as VoIP you may login to your Google Voice account and click “Forward to Google Chat”.

Get your copy of Talkatone here.

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  1. Talkatone is a great service for the iPhone as long as you’re on a wi-fi. No need to use phone cards for North America.

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