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Attach/Mount Nike+ iPod Sensor To Any Running Shoe


How To Attach/Mount Nike+ iPod Sensor To Any Running Shoe.

I have to admit, my  way to mount a Nike+ iPod sensor to your shoe method is a ghetto. I think at the time a recorded this video I was trying to look for a free and easy way to mount the device. Mind you, my little archaic contraption worked and secured the sensor to my shoe, but there are now plenty of options that do the job AND look ascetically pleasing.

The Silicone Skin Pouch For Nike+ iPod and Nike Plus Nike+ SportBand – Compatible with all Shoes look like a great item if you use a Nike+ Sensor.

Personally, I no longer user the Nike+ sensor because I use the Nike+ Running app. The iPhone Running app uses the iPhone to detect and count your steps and can also utilize it’s GSP functionality to map your run. I’ll provide a review on the Nike+ Running app later.

But in the meantime, if you want to have a laugh, please view the video below.


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