7 Ways to Reduce Battery Usage in iOS 7

7 Ways to Reduce Battery Usage in iOS 7

Hi folks, today’s article is for iPhone owners who have updated to iOS 7.

I bet many of you have noticed since upgrading to iOS 7, the battery usage on their phones has gone through the roof! I’m sure there are several new features that are gobbling up the juice from the battery so I instantly conducted a search on finding ways to find reduce battery usage and look for the features that are hogging my iPhone’s battery power.

1. Spotlight

iOS 7’s search function called Spotlight continuously indexs new data. You can select what data you want indexed or completely turn all options OFF. Check out Settings > General > Spotlight Search and disable what you don’t need, such as events, podcasts and events.

2. Turn Down the Brightness

One of the most popular tips in reducing battery usage has been to turn down your screen’s brightness. Use the Control Center or visit Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness and disable Auto-Brightness and decrease the setting manually.

3. Turn Off AirDrop

Air Drop let’s you share files via blue tooth. You should have it switched off if not in use.  Slide open the Control Center and switch it off there.

4. Automatic Updating

Automatic app updating is a smart function, but the last thing you want to do is run app updates when your battery is down to your last few percentages. To disable this, visit Settings > iTunes and Apple Store and uncheck the Updates option.

5. Parallax

One of the new animation features in iOS7 is Parallex which makes it seem like the wallpaper can move behind the apps. To switch Parallex OFF,  visit Settings > General > Accessibility and click Reduce Motion to “on.”

6. Location-Tracking Apps

Location tracking apps like Maps, Camera and Facebook constantly use the GPS function on your phone tracking your location. You can turn off Location Services completely (Settings > Privacy > Location Services) or disable certain apps one by one.

7. Background App Refresh

Background App Refresh, whose default is set to “on” in iOS 7 is the main culprit of battery usage. The feature continually refreshes content of apps running in the background. This feature To disable this feature, visit Settings > General > Background App Refresh.

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