Upgrade XBMC v.13 On Apple TV 2

Upgrade XBMC v.13 On Apple TV 2


Hi folks. This tutorial is for the those with an Apple TV 2 that is already jail broken. For some of us, we’ve had our Apple TV 2’s jail broken for quite a while now and XBMC maybe be outdated. There’s nothing wrong with an outdated version of XBMC. When I first jail broke my Apple TV 2, XBMC version 11 was released. And since jail breaking, XBMC has been stuck at version 11. Again, there’s nothing wrong with having an older copy of XBMC; as they say, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. And besides, there maybe some plugins that are not yet compatible with the latest and greatest version of XBMC.

But for those who what to use the latest version of XBMC on their Apple TV 2, there’s the easiest way to upgrade.

Upgrade XBMC On Apple TV 2 NOW

  1. Download yourself a copy of “into Installer” which is available for free and install (Mac / Windows).
  2. Be sure that your Apple TV 2 (which is already jailbroken) is on the network and your computer is on the same network
  3. Execute the Installer app, click on “Upgrade XBMC” and WAIT
  4. Once the upgrade completed, your Apple TV 2 will restart and right away, you’ll see that the XBMC icon in the menu of your Apple TV 2 has changed
  5. Congratulations, you have upgraded XBMC to the latest version which as of this writing, is version 13.

Something to note that I have mentioned, not all your plugins may work with the latest version of XBMC so be sure to do due diligence on the popular plugins you use to be sure they are compatible with the newest release of XBMC.


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48 thoughts on “Upgrade XBMC v.13 On Apple TV 2

  1. Lost my XBMC icon on Apple TV while trying to upgrade. Earlier a message came up saying “Error: Server cannot be accessed.”Does that mean I have to get it jailbroken again and go through the whole process to reinstall XBMC. HELP!

  2. Hi,
    I don’t know a whole lot about computer/technology stuff. My Apple TV 2 was given to me jailbroken, as a gift. Recently, we started getting the message that dependencies could not be met, and so we came across your You Tube video on how to upgrade XBMC. We followed the instructions and it worked, but since upgrading, we are now getting a message that ‘No Seasons can be found’ when we try to bring up the TV shows under 1Channel. The movies still work. Can you provide any info. on this? It’s very frustrating and we would like to be able to watch our TV shows again.
    Thank you in advance for any help you can provide,

  3. Just attempted to upgrade..got the new icon, but now when i click on XBMC it just goes to a black screen then back out to the main screen. Any idea what I can do to fix this?

  4. hello…i´m having so much trouble trying to upgrade my xbmc to Kodi because when i launch Nito it shows the IP address so I don´t know hot to make it work…any suggestion on this ??? thank you

  5. Hey man, i’ve been trying to upgrade xbmc but didnt work then i try remove xbmc but it doest work in any ways i try…i try using comand for ssh and using nitotry to jailbreak again but always tells me the same thing :E: Malformed line 1 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/xbmc.list (dist)E: The list of sources could not be read.hope you know anything about it and how to help me

  6. a bunch of nito installer websites seem to have viruses built into them do you have any recommendations for a true laymon of where I can safely get nito installer?

    your wisdom is truly appreciated

  7. I am running ATV2 5.3. I have FC Settings icon so I know I’m JB. When i try to install XBMC with Nito Installer it gives me the check mark but when I go to ATV menu, XBMC is not there. I reboot and still not there. I can load Nito successfully, but not XBMC. Any suggestions on why XBMC is not showing up or loading correctly?

  8. I had vrs 12.2 it was working until a few weeks ago then I don’t have any content shown in XBMC i.e. no movies or anything else. When you upgrade do you need to connect to the apple tv box via a USB cable? you don’t say in this- I tried doing it as per your instructions but it docent seem to change the version on the Apple TV

  9. Tried this over and over and everything happens EXCEPT after the reboot, the SAME XBMC icon is there and it’s still the old 11.0 version. Boo. Mine was done ages ago and I never upgraded and it finally quit a month or two ago.

  10. My apple tv 2 was working great until new year now it I cannot use xbmc, have done jail break again but will not install xbmc, can anybody give some advice.

  11. I’m on the same net work as my apple TV2 but it’s not showing up in Nito Installer? Anyone have a clue whats going on?

  12. I have downloaded the installer, however I don’t get the XBMC option, I only get nito and KODI! please can you tell me what I am doing wrong?



      1. Yes but it’s ok as I reset my system and reinstalled the folders and it now works, however can you tell me the best repositories I should install now as mine are all gone now and I cannot remember which ones were the best.

  13. When I launch the app it’s asking me what the root password is for the apple tv. Is there a common password that’s used? I didn’t jailbreak it, so I have no idea

  14. Hey i have an apple tv 2 with xbmc i have all the softwear i need and i click on my apple tv 2 and i hit the button to do it but it says i need to jailbreak it first does it have to be in dfu mode? Thanks

  15. I did the exact same install however when i try to launch Kodi it just tries to load and then it takes me back to the main page. How can i fix? Please help..

  16. hi I’ve had an APT 2 and I have updated it thanks for the great video but for some reason am missing the youtube icon on the home screen how do get that back on there thanks in advance p.s I’ve done hard reboot and everything

  17. Hello Sal
    I got a gen 1 jail broken and it worked for a few weeks but now i cant open anything.
    I have asked the person for help and they want me to manually update fine….. but i cant even do that i keep getting errors or script error not connected error. I have it lan line connected and its good as it wprked before and had an electrician look as it.
    Whats the problem? ??


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