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App Review: NodeBeat (HD)


Here is my review of NodeBeat by AffinityBlue.

I love using the iPad as music creation tool. There are a lot apps in Apple’s App Store and the Android Market Place that help aspiring musicians reach their potential or amateurs reach some kind of music creating level. The best music creation apps are the ones that are fun and easy to use. NodeBeat is an intuitive and a visual music app for all ages.

Create your own music in a matter of minutes or listen to NodeBeat generate its own. You can easily share your creations with others, upload to SoundCloud or save them for later to show your friends.

You create your own music by dropping Generators and Notes on the ‘music space’. Generators and Notes make up the two types of nodes. Generators pulse and play Notes within proximity. A Note is played in sequence, based on the distance it is from its connected Generator. Pause nodes to create your own beats or let them roam free to have them generate their own.

Below you’ll find my review of NodeBeat.


NodeBeat is available on iOS and Android.

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