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19 September 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Hackintosh Shopping List Buyers Guide March 2012

Here is a list compiled as of September 2011. This list should help you get started at least hardware wise in building your very own Mac computer.

09 September 2011 ~ 1 Comment

Calibrate Your Android Phone, Laptop, Macbook, iPhone Battery Life

Calibration of your battery is essential every once a month, depending on your usage, it can be done once every six months. For your information, calibration is the act of discharging your macbook pro, android mobile phone, iphone, laptop or any devices’ battery power life until it is not bootable. Below is the step by […]

07 August 2011 ~ 0 Comments


PRE-ORDER ANNIVERSARY EDITION OF ACHTUNG BABY. Read about Achtung Baby Anniversary Edition and pre-order today!

28 June 2011 ~ 0 Comments

7 Exciting Features In The New Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo always comes up with the best innovative product for their customers. This year, the company launches the new Nintendo 3DS

23 June 2011 ~ 0 Comments

U2 to Deliver Deluxe Editions of Achtung Baby, Zooropa

U2’s Achtung Baby marks its 20th anniversary this year and the Irish rockers are planning to release a deluxe edition of the album to celebrate. The 1991 album also will be paired with U2’s 1993 release, Zooropa, in a special edition box set, according to Rolling Stone – via Slicing Up Eyeballs. “There will be […]

12 June 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Fallout New Vegas – Review

Fallout New Vegas – Review

11 June 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Black Ops Zombies Tips

This is the most common mistake that I made when I first started playing.

09 June 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

04 June 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Causes of Red Ring of Death

Red Ring Of Death Causes

02 June 2011 ~ 0 Comments

PS3 Common Problems and Solutions

Here are a list of some common PS3 problems