Over The Air HDTV In Toronto

Over The Air HDTV In Toronto


Readers, I started looking into OTA broadcasts in 2004. At the time, I was living in a small town house in Oak Ridges…actually, more accurately, Temperance Ontario. Which is a km West of downtown Oak Ridges.

At the townhouse, I was using a Channel Master 4 Bay antenna and 2 way amplifier. From what I recall, the most channels I was able to receive at the time was 22 channels. A mix of Toronto and U.S. broadcasts from Grand Island NY.

The U.S. stations were hit and miss. Some U.S. stations broadcast at high power while others, low power. FOX (29-1) was a tricky little channel to receive but WNLO (23-1) was an easy one to pick up. We had our ups and downs but 20-22 channels is not a bad deal.

Fast forward to 2015 and we’re back with over the air hdtv!

We moved in 2012 and been antennaless since then. I was fortunate enough at the town house to pass a cable from the attic, down an air return vent into the basement. I the new house, I wasn’t so fortunate. I knew, for an attic install, we’d have to peak out from the attic, down the side of the house (outside) and back into the house. This held me back, it was unknown to me and I was a little lazy.

Well…it’s November 2015 and I finally took action. Antenna mounted in the attic and cable run out from the attic down the side of the house and into the electrical closet in the basement.

Everything seems to be operating quite nicely. Here’s the channel run down:

2.2 WGRZ2-2
2.3 WRRZ2-3
3.1 CKVR
9.1 CFTO
11.1 CHCH-DT
17.1 WNED-HD
17.2 Think
19.1 TVO
23.1 WNLO-HD
23.2 Bounce
29.1 WUTV-HD
29.2 TCN
29.3 Grit TV
36.1 CITS-HD
40.1 CJMT
41.1 CIII-HD
42.2 CIII-SD
47.1 CFMT
49.1 WNYO-HD
49.2 GetTV
49.3 CommetTV
5000 Unknown Music Station (WNED)

If you’ve moved to over the air hdtv, please leave a comment with your location, antenna setup and channel listing!

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