OTA Buyers Guide

OTA Buyers Guide

OTA Buyers Guide

My over the air setup is very basic and anyone can get involved and start receiving FREE HDTV in their homes. What I have done is write this ota buyers guide based on my ota setup which is currently up and running.

When I first began receiving over the air TV, my setup was the following (October 2006):

I had my antenna hanging in the attic and had it fed into a amplified splitter. Not sure if my setup was correct but it worked. I placed the amplifier near the antenna so the signal was strong as if traveled to my TV. Think back, I should have added a pre-amplifier…which are supposed to be installed at the antenna. Oh well…live and learn, but it worked.

In 2012 we moved into our new house which was a 5 minute drive SOUTH of where we lived. After living in the new place for 3 years, I’ve finally got off my ass and installed an 8 Bay antenna in my attic. I used the same splitter but and the termination point where all my runs meet near the electrical panel.

This is the more correct use of the splitter, and it does work. Unfortunately, I need a bigger splitter as I have more cables runs as well as owning a HD Homerun (more on the HD Homerun later). At the same time, the more you split a run, the less db you’ll be getting.

From looking at Channel Masters Amplified Splitters, the 2 way splitter boosts +11 db. The Channel Master 4 way splitter boosts +8 db. The 4 way would be what I need…but what if some channels drop off. Here is my current dilemma.

But let me share with you my setup..it’s really not a big investment, unless you include the HD Homerun. But also, don’t forget, you’re goal is to cut the cable cord and be rid of outrageous cable fees.

For everything you get for free over the air, you’ll have to pay your cable company at least $25 a month.

Anyway, here’s my list and and ota buyers guide for readers that want to begin the process of cutting their cable company’s cord.

My current setup (Nov 2015):


      • Keep you runs short, antenna to splitter would be best at 50 feet


Hopefully you’ll find my ota buyers guide useful and if there’s any proven products you wish to share, please drop a comment below!


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