FREE TV: What Bell and Rogers don’t want you to know!

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This post may be the most helpful post I’ve ever written for residence of Toronto and for many Canadian cities along the US/Canadian boarder.

I know for a fact that when someone walks into a BestBuy of Futureshop here in Canada looking for an HDTV they are told that to take advantage of the crip clear picture you have to either subscribe to Bell ExpressVue or Rogers Digital Cable. To all my Canadian friends out there, that is a load of shit (for most of the nation)!

Forget the big cable and satellite companies, ‘rabbit ears’ will get you even better HDTV reception.

Since I live near Toronto, this topic will discuss receiving FREE TV in and around Toronto. So let’s get on with it shall we?

In the US, the deadline has been given to all broadcasters that they must now broadcast digitally and turn off their analogue signal. So what signal are we talking about? Good old UHF and VHF. Yes, the technology our grandparents used when they came to this country is coming back in a big fucking way. The digital signal that’s being sent out is now capable of sending out HD quality picture and 5.1 stereo sound! And all the major networks are pumping out HD programing WHEN it’s available in HD.

So what does this have to do with Canadians? Well, in the Toronto area where I live, the local broadcasters here are now pumping HD over the air for FREE! Here’s what’s supposed to be available in HD:

  • CTV (9-1)
  • CityTV (57-1)
  • CBC (5-1)
  • CBC French (25-1)
  • SunTV (66-1)
  • OMNI.1 (64-1)
  • OMNI.2 (44-1)
  • Global (41-1)
  • CHCH (11-1)
  • TVO (waiting until June deadline)
  • A Channel (no word)

Now we are also catching programing from across the boarder, and depending where you live, you can get:

  • NBC (2-1)
  • NBC Sports (2-2)
  • NBC Retro (2-3)
  • ABC (7-1)
  • CBS (4-1)
  • FOX (29-1)
  • Country Music (29-2)
  • PBSHD (17-1)
  • PBSSD (17-2)
  • THINKTVHD (17-3)
  • The CW (23-1)
  • My TV (49-1)
  • COOLTV (49-2)
  • plus a few others I haven’t written down

So what do you need to catch all this wonderful free programing that’s available to us in HD?

  • A terrestrial HDTV Receiver (Bestbuy USA)
  • a very decent antenna pointing to the CN Tower and Grand Island New York
  • an HDTV

That’s all you need to receive and enjoy HDTV for FREE!!!!!!


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  1. Thanks a lot I just did my own HDTV antenna gadget and I’m getting CBC HD when I put this inside home, so probably I need to put it outside to get all others which you mentioned.

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