Brokeback Bala: Collectors Edition

After receiving my 2 GIG SD memory card on Thursday, I decide to record some video with my camera. The following presentation was filmed at Carlo’s cottage in Bala Ontario. We went up Friday night to do some night fishing and early morning fishing the following day.

Marc was the only one who caught anything, a decent little perch, a baby perch and a the leaf of a tree fish. Still, it was nice to get away and just hang out fishing on the dock.

Since my camera doesn’t record audio in video mode, I spliced on some acoustic guitar tracks from Brokeback Mountain to really give it a ‘home’ movie feel.

Anyways, it’s was neat to record and edit a nice little 8 minute presentation, it was fun.

Video: Brokeback Bala: Collectors Edition

A few reviews:

Reviewer: Snaggy5 out of 5 stars – May 11, 2006
Subject: Heart Breaking Tale

This piece of cinimatic marvel grips the viewer and immerses them into this heart-felt tale of boy-becoming-man. Raw, edgey and no-holds-barred film making is what elevates Ciampa’s filming technique to new hights. I felt like I was there, feeling their plight and longing for human contact that society would not allow. The little pearch tells the entire story – it speaks of freedom, wild angst and death. Only this can be Brokeback Bala! Only Ciampa can convey the emotions of a man, spoken through a fish!

Reviewer: Abbyroad4 out of 5 stars – May 10, 2006
Subject: Brokeback wil not Break your Heart Bala

Exhilirating, joyous, and heart-felt! A fishing trip about more than freindship, fish and a night without the wives. Feel the movement of the camera as it bounces from scene to scene, one picture more loving then the next. Ciampa’s directorial debut has Academy written all over it. 2 thumbs up for a film well made!

Reviewer: Heezie4 out of 5 stars – May 10, 2006
Subject: A True Feel Good Movie Indeed

Amazing movie, it warmed my heart entirely. It made me cry and laugh at the same time. Marco im sorry your ass hurts. Any new movies comming out soon? Looking forward for a another good movie.

Reviewer: salc_754 out of 5 stars – May 10, 2006
Subject: ‘Feel good’ movie of the year!

What a nice little film about 3 friends on a fishing trip. And they actually went fishing! Good stuff, can’t wait to see your next production!

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