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ONE METHOD to Get The Edge on Your Competition

This post is by Mike Quintieri, founder and writer at The Midi Channel.


Apple has it right.
They see the technology landscape, and grab it by the horns.
They are innovators, and you should be too!
It’s about that time to discuss apps as legitimate pieces to your studio. There are numerous apps out there that will not only speed up workflow, but prove that the iPad , and even your iPhone can be an essential tool in your arsenal.
Let’s not discount Android here…..but I’ll refer to apple more often even though Android is a force to be reckoned with.

A Few Thoughts

Taking a look at MorphWiz – the app from one of the greyest keyboard players ever to tickle the ivories-Jordan Rudess. (Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment) the app is available in the App Store for $19.99- and honestly, it’s worth it.
When you launch MorphWiz you see a  little wizard avatar that has a striking resemblance to Rudess himself. Jordan is an avid iDevice user and proponent Рhe has been using iPads on stage with dream theater for years now!


When you launch the app – I’m using a first generation iPad, the app takes a few seconds to load and pops up to screen with lines and graphics. The interface could be daunting to beginners, but an easy and intuitive interface all in all. Five minutes, and you are flying through the menus……
The sounds are loaded at the bottom of the screen with arrows for next and previous sounds. There is some modulation on the left hand side and and infinite loop setting. There are some more advanced features we can look at a little later.
Touching the screen you will automatically notice that you don’t need to have much talent to make this instrument sound fantastic. I have to admit, I don’t play much piano but I was writing songs from the first day with MorphWiz.
When you bank through the sounds, one is better than the next with textures and patterns you would take hours creating with a synth.
Once you have a great idea down, a quick press of the record button will let you get your ideas saved and ready to jam with a friend. One thing I have done is take a 1/8 inch plug and go line out of the iPad into my MacBook Pro. Load up an audio track in Logic an start recording like a real instrument.
So, you may be thinking an iPad is not going to help my band, my song, my movie scoring, but I say once you use an app like MorphWiz, you will be floored at the creative ideas you will come up with. I can say with almost certainty you will browse the App Store for a couple more apps to keep in your back pocket for those songs that could use something you can’t get from just a run of the mill synth.


No matter what you do with your Mac and music, you probably hate using your mouse to control your software.
Wouldn’t it be cool if you could control the screen without touching the mouse?
That’s where TouchOSC is a genius app for iPad and iPhone.index
You load up the app, enter your IP Address, and you are ready.
The controls are endless.
You control the mixer, volume, pan, plugins…..the list continues.
If you buy a control surface, you could be spending $1000 on the same functionality.
TouchOSC is an amazing piece to my studio.

Final Thoughts

Most of you are running Macs, or have an iDevice.
Maybe you run a home studio, or just record for fun.
I’ve only mentioned a couple apps here, but if you are serious about music and recording, you need to check them out.
You owe it to yourself to just try some apps to see if they fit your workflow.
There are a lot of free apps that will change the way you record.
Maybe you need to record on the go, or control software, or something in between.
You can be a purist, but resistance is futile.
Apps are the way of the future, and will give the Edge you need. If you don’t jump on board you’ll be left behind in the dust.

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