Kodi (XBMC): Install FUSION REPO & XBMCHUB Configuration Wizard

Kodi (XBMC): Install FUSION REPO & XBMCHUB Configuration Wizard

XBMC Configuration Wizard

For first time user’s of XBMC, this article is for you! But those who have not yet added the Fusion repo to their File Manager, please read as well.

Up until a short while ago, when you first install XBMC you had to manually install video add-ons one by one. Then, along came the Fusion Repository, and all you favorite Add-ons were now in one location without having to upload them one by one to your XMBC device.

The good people at XBMCHUB have now released a fantastic configuration tool that now uploads and installs the most popular video add-ons for XBMC in one single shot.

The whole process is very simple and outlined in the video I have uploaded to YouTube. Forgive me for the poor audio quality…it’s been a while since I’ve uploaded a video and failed to do some tests before actually recording and uploading the video.

XBMC: Install FUSION REPO & XBMCHUB Configuration Wizard

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16 thoughts on “Kodi (XBMC): Install FUSION REPO & XBMCHUB Configuration Wizard

  1. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but it seems that the volume to your mic goes down towards the end of each sentence and would random go high in the middle of some other sentences. It is quite annoying to listen to.

  2. Very useful for a newbie – much appreciated – look forward to next vid on maintenance tool – I hear its useful…

  3. Hi, I can add fusion repo in my sources, but when i select it whilst going to the Add-ons page (under System), the folder is blank … any tips?

  4. Hello,I watched your video,but when I press Windows and yes,it shows me an error that it says: Script failed plugin.video.hubwizard. I have Windows 7 64-bit. What can I do?

  5. So sick of this shit. I downloaded exactly as you did yet my download contained WAY less then your’s shows. Once I click install from zip my ONLY options are start-here and xbmc-repo. When I look at yours you have hubwizard, most popular, movies-tv and music plus I see your scroll bar can show more options. I tried watching all these youtube videos they all give the exact same address you just did but still I get none of your options.Any ideas why? What’s difference? Were both using gotham?

  6. This video was very very helpful, because I tried some other videos but I just couldn’t find any that was helping me to solve my problem. Thank you for posting this now my problem is fixed I am very happy and it’s all because you posted this video. I can’t thank you enough.

  7. Hi there I am stuckā€¦get to install from zip file then do not have the same file as you do. I do not have most popular. Runnins 12.2 Frodo. HELP??

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