XBMC metahandler error

For those suffering from the dreaded METAHANDLER SCRIPT ERROR on your XBMC device, we have found a solution for your troubles.

The easiest way to resolved the METAHANDLER SCRIPT ERROR is to reset XBMC to default and reinstall your video-ons. Thanks to the Fusion Repo from XBMCHUB, this process is VERY easy and doesn’t take time to complete.

You first need to add the FUSION REPO to your XBMC File Manager and then install the HUB-WIZARD ZIP file from the Fusion Repo. This process is easier than it sounds and you can watch the video below for complete details on preforming this task on your own.

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24 thoughts on “Repair 1Channel IceFilms METAHANDLER SCRIPT ERROR

  1. This isn’t a fix. This is a tutorial on how to reset your XBMC and install a fresh hub wizard… Both are obvious, this has nothing to do with actually fixing the error.

    1. Once you reset XBMC to default, give the device a complete restart/beboot. Unplug it for 10 seconds if you have to. Then add the Fusion Repo and install the HUB-WIZARD. Good luck!

  2. Reinstalled 4 times and still when I go to install from zip the Fusion is empty. Any other suggestions? I am using the 1.3 version of xmbc.

  3. Thank you so much! This resolved the issue. I did have to go back and reinstall the other plug-ins though.

  4. Will this wipe out all of the networking for local video files as well? I spent a lot time setting all of that up so if it does wipe it out, I rather just go without 1 channel and ice films etc…If it just wipes out the plugins I’m alright with that because I really don’t have that many…

  5. 1channel still fail…I upgrade to kodi and I started getting this fail I guess I need to go back to 13.2 because this does not work for me and other videothanks for the vid

  6. Dude all I get is the audio, but not the video, tried different links and its the thing .only the audio..can u please help me..thanks

  7. I fixed this on my computer by installing all of the following scripts:


    This script may or may not be needed:

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