Amazon Fire TV Unboxing

Amazon Fire TV Unboxing

Unboxing An Amped WirelessSR20000G-3

The day has finally arrived that I pulled the trigger and ordered an Amazon Fire TV. Yes siree, after doing a little bit of research I found that Kodi can be side loaded on to an Amazon Fire TV..very easily I might add.

The video below will explain the hardware that’s packed in this neat little device. please watch and enjoy the Amazon Fire TV Unboxing!

If you’re looking to order your own Amazon Fire TV, please the links found on this page. It’s a simple way of supporting The Tech Loft in all that we do for our readers.

I’ve also added a media box comparison chart as a quick reference between the hottest media boxes as of this posting. Seems like the Fire TV comes out ahead in terms of hardware power.


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  1. Can’t you just get a friend in the states to ship one to your address…for the normal price? (maybe through him a few extra dollars for his time lol)

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