Will U.S. XBox Live Gold Cards Work in Canada?

I decided to post an article about purchasing XBox Live Gold memberships from U.S. sites  and using them here in Canada.

Several Canadians I have seen online were all successful at purchasing an XBox Live Gold Membership online from Amazon.Com and activating here in Canada with a Canadian billing address.

Last night, I have done exactly that. Amazon.Com had 12 month XBox Live Gold Memberships (Online Code) discounted down to $39.99 so I added it to my cart, entered a U.S. mailing address address (don’t worry about it bring accurate because nothing is actually shipped, the online code means that the XBox Live code is emailed to you in seconds of your transaction being completed) and entered my payment options.

And so, I found the code in my Inbox and activated it through XBox.com since I was already in front of the computer. All I need to say is…IT WORKED!

So whenever Amazon.Com has a sale on XBox Live Gold Memberships, go ahead and take advantage of the offer!

If you use my link to purchase your XBox Live Gold Membership, be sure to select FORMAT: ONLINE GAME CODE, this will have the game code email to you instead of mailed! Thank you for your continued loyalty and support!

Sal Ciampa

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