Transfer XBox 360 Hard Drive Content Without Transfer Cable

A quick video on how to transfer XBox 360 hard drive content from one hard drive to another without the use of a transfer cable. You will require access to 2 XBox 360s IF transferring content from an older XBox 360 to new XBox 360 S slim model.

Sal Ciampa

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2 thoughts on “Transfer XBox 360 Hard Drive Content Without Transfer Cable

  1. hola , hi sal, lok what happening to me , when i transfer , profiles and games , is cool is does, but the xbox, is read as 2 thing same times say unknown profile and most time is says corrucpt files , o samething like that, BUT WHEN i hook up again the usb on old xbox is perfect a can red my gametag in there
    any help, i do not not what to do, thank you in advance

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