Speed Up Your 4GB PSP Memory Stick

Have any of you experienced slowness on your new 4gb memory stick?

Well first you need to check if you have a fake or a real one, the biggest way on how you can tell is by looking on your Memory Stick. Make sure you have “MagicGate” on it. Another way is to download the new PSXReality Memory Stick Tester v1.0.
Well here’s how you can speed up the Speed on your 4gb Memory Stick (without FAT16, or FAT, your games may lag no matter what format!)
Reason is because PSP reads/writes slower on FAT32 but reads/writes faster on FAT16. 2GB is formatted to FAT16 by default and 4GB is formatted to FAT32 by default.
To increase your 4GB MS speed just like your previous 2GB, you need to format it as FAT16. Now, before you flame me saying 2GB is max for FAT16, you need to research more. However, 4GB FAT16 is not compatible with lower Windows versions (Win95/98/Me/MSDos) but is perfectly compatible with PSP and WinNT and WinXP. This is due to Microsoft hardcoded max cluster to 32k on Win95/98/Me/MSDos but they changed it on WinNT/XP to max cluster of 64k. You May Ask “HOW do i check if i have FAT16 or FAT32?
Your answer will be answered simply by going to “My Computer” then click on your PSP Drive(only once) and look in the left side, and you will see “File System:” and that’s where it will say

WARNING: If you are not aware this will DELETE any folder and files on your Memory Stick, so My suggestion would be to make a BACKUP folder with all of your psp files in it! then once it is done Changing it to FAT16 put all of your files from your BACKUP folder back in the ROOT of your mem-stick!
To format your 4GB to FAT16…
1. Go to Start Menu->Run…
2. Type ‘Format X: /FS:FAT’ (without quotes, Replace X with the Drive of you psp)
If you see this, Press Y, then Enter… Its perfectly fine, this is what is supposed to come up

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