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Recently, I’ve been pretty interested in Sony’s Playstation Portable (PSP). The psp is a really nice sleek little system with some nice features. But right out of the box, it only plays UMD games and movies. Now I’m not going to get into hacking or unlocking a psp, that has already been posted on Soundwave’s site, “Don’t Cross The Streams“.

The psp also has the ability to surf the internet wirelessly, so if you ever found yourself in a hotspot, you can pick up the Wi-Fi signal and surf away. But the psp browser is very limited, plus, it does not have a keyboard so I wouldn’t be sending email. However, the surfing capability is very handy for at least checking email, running simple searches, you know that doesn’t require alot of typing.

So here’s a short list of sites you can access from your psp while still having it look great and not fall off the screen:

Feel free to add your own sites in the comment section of this post.

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