Playstation 2 Homebrewing

I’ve been searching the internet for information on Playstion 2 (PS2) homebrew. One disappointing fact about homebrew was that you needed a modded ps2 to run the applications, but this is not entirely true.

During my research I’ve come across a few sources that state that you can run homebrew applications without a modded system. Now the regular way of running homebrew was to simply download, burn and play the software in a modded system that would play burned CD-Rs or DVD-Rs. But now, I’ve found out a way to run those applications and possibley back-ups without a modchip.

This post will only introduce that subject to the site as I am in the middle of testing out these crazy neat features without a modchip. Now I must tell you that I did need the help of a modded system to set the whole process up. But once you’ve made your bootable memory card, you’re in the clear.

Like I mentioned before, part of my testing consisted of playing back-uped games but also playing backed-up games from an external USB flash memory stick or hard drive. Playing off a USB stick or external hard drive is also pretty neat as well.

But stay tuned, I’ll tell you how I created my bootable memory card, the key part of enjoying homebrew features without a modchip.

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