Create A PlayStation 2 Bootable Memory Card

Create A PlayStation 2 Bootable Memory Card

It’s here! HOW TO CREATE A PLAYSTATION 2 BOOTABLE MEMORY CARD! Follow the instructions in the video, and you too can create your very own bootable memory card by using FREE MCBoot.

You will need a MODDED PS2, a USB memory stick, a free memory card, ULaunch.ELF (copied to cd AND USB stick) & Free_MCBoot.ELF save to your USB stick.

ULaunch.ELF: http://sals-taverngroup.googlegroups….
FREE MCBOOT: http://sals-taverngroup.googlegroups….

I hope you find this informative and fun.

Sal Ciampa

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10 thoughts on “Create A PlayStation 2 Bootable Memory Card

  1. Hi Sal,

    My name is Walter and I really need your help. I have a fat PS2 that I bought back in 2003, so its been sitting around collecting up dust. I figured let me put to use again and I would love to use it play divx files and play all the old school games. I have everything to do the exploit except for a modded PS2, an original cogswap or AR Max and Codebreaker cds. Is there another way of doing the exploit or the only way is doing it with a modded PS2. I just don’t know of anyone that has a modded PS2 in my area. Please advise me what I should do. Appreciat it.



  2. Hi Sal,

    Um… How do you make the moded ps2? I have the big one that i bought about a year after the ps2 came out.


  3. Hi Sal… Great tutorial, it was extremely clear, much appreciated.
    When I try and use the ULaunch I get the error… Failed to load Launch.ELF

    I try using the path

    Path: mass:/BOOT/ BOOT.ELF (358kb File)

    It seems to load for a few seconds with the screen going black. Then returns to the main menu with the error

    " Failed to Load LAUNCHELF.CNF "

    I am using a Matrix Modded PS@with a LaunchElf V4.12 and McBoot as advised.
    Could you Pleeeease help me?!

    Hope you enjoyed ur Reg Coffee. 😀

  4. Hey Sal, thanks for the tut dude – yesterday I made my exploited MC and I'm playing all night long with friends :))) The key for playing RIP-ed games is called "USB Advance" – try finding USB Advance (it's a ELF loader for games) than USB Extreme (Win32 GUI app to copy games from DVD/CD to the USB HDD) and you're done :))) The fastest way I found is mounting the Images (ISO, MDF/MDS and others) in my Daemon Tools Lite than with the USB Extreme I "extract" them to my HDD.

    Thanks a lot again and keep up the good work! 🙂

    Greets from Bulgaria

  5. do u still make ps2 bootable memory cards i have a fat ps2 scph-39003 if u can drop me an email if u can make me one and how i send money plz

  6. how about if I remove the memory card when done everything and rebooting without memory card in, does it will stay legit boot?

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