10 March 2011 ~ 0 Comments

PS3 Game Saves To The Cloud

Great news, PlayStation 3 game save are moving ‘to the cloud‘! If you have suffered from the dreaded Red Light of Death (RLoD) or Yellow Light of Death (YLoD) like I have, this is welcome news from Sony!

The only catch is that ‘game saves to the cloud‘ is available through a PlayStation Plus subscription.

Now like I have mentioned, I have suffered data loss from the RLoD and I lost ALL my game saves..it SUCKED! Presently, I’m not a PlayStation Plus subscriber, but the cloud based service is definitely making PlayStation Plus a very attractive service.

Another ‘plus’ about PlayStation Plus game saves is that you can login to any PlayStation 3 (PS3) and access your game save and continue your game from ANY CONSOLE (PS3 of course)!

Yes, it looks like a lot of people may be joining PlayStation Plus, especially with the fear that their console maybe failing soon! Come to think of it, I think it’s just wrong for PS3 owners to accept the fact that having our consoles RLoD/YLoD is normal and expected!


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