19 May 2010 ~ 1,177 Comments

Connect PlayStation 3 To Computer Monitor


Is the damn TV hogged by your wife, child, lover? Stuck sitting around with one TV in the house and you want to get your game on?? Folks,  I’m back with another video tutorial. Below you’ll find instructions on connecting your playstation 3 to your desktop computer monitor. My latest video tutorial will explain how to connect PlayStation 3 to computer monitor. The video will explain the cables you require as well as going through the PS3’s audio and video settings. I will also include links to where you can purchase the required cables. Please note that not every monitor is the same, results will vary with the type of display you use. I purchased my 23 inch monitor in spring of 2009 from Dell. Please remember that most monitors don’t have built in speakers so please make sure you have externa speakers ready. This video will show you how to connect the audio to your computer’s external speakers. Click ‘Read more’ for the video! If your monitor has built in speakers, then I believe the process will move along faster and easier.


Hope you enjoy and succeed! Connect Playstation 3 to computer monitor.