VLC For OUYA Now Available

I’m happy to announce that VideoLAN has released VLC for OUYA Android gaming console!

Downloading and installing VLC is simple, just SEARCH ‘VLC’ in the Discover section of your OUYA menu, select and ‘Download Now’. Watch the video below for the easy install!

Sal Ciampa

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8 thoughts on “VLC For OUYA Now Available

  1. One of the reasons I haven’t promoted Serenity as much for the OUYA is because I was waiting for a good Video Player to be ported to the device. While MX Player could be side loaded, it wasn’t optimized for the OUYA. Well, my wait is over apparently. VLC has come to the OUYA. Since Serenity was designed from the beginning to work with external players, you can just setup the configuration to use an external player, and then when you select a video to play, your OUYA will start up VLC to play the video. If you have more than one app installed that can play a video it’ll prompt you for which one to use. VLC for OUYA is still in beta development and needs optimized for the OUYA controls. However the touchpad on the controller does work so you can control the on screen display and pause video that way.So this gives a little more incentive to polish Serinity up to work with a game controller and buttons. It already works fairly well, just a spit and polish that needs to occur. If anybody wants to test Serenity out on the OUYA just visit the GitHub site and download one of the developer versions and side load it. Install VLC and enjoy your Plex Media Server content just as you can with Serenity on a Google TV, Android stick, or Tablet.VLC For OUYA Now Available#OUYA #plexmediaserver #android

  2. I’m so happy Ouya now has VLC. I just plug in my USB and it picks it up. Plays files that my PS3, WMV and QuickTime cant.

  3. Aw man, you should have had some vids ready. I wonder what it looks like when you scroll through. Like if it shows cover art on the video files and stuff.

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