21 July 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Install XBMC On OUYA

One of the cool things about owning an OUYA Android gaming console, is that you can side load apps AND the fact that the creators of OUYA encourage hacking the box. I think that’s one of the reasons I decided to support and donate to the OUYA Kickstarter a year ago. Well, a year has pasted and I received my OUYA console near the end of May.

So what we’ll do now is install XBMC on OUYA. XBMC will not be found on OUYA’s game ‘store’, it’ll have to installed by downloading it from a website first. I have run through the download and install instructions on my video below, which can be found on my YouTube Channel along with over 200 other videos I have created and posted.



  1. Navigate to MAKE –> SOFTWARE –> BROWSER
  2. Navigate to the website ‘http://goo.gl/gkdvk‘. Downloading will begin automatically. The file is about 50Mb.
  3. Once downloading has completed, navigate to SYSTEM –> ADVANCED –> STORAGE –> DOWNLOADS
  4. Use the touchpad to tap on the XBMC download to launch….let the installation begin!

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