Install Netflix App On OUYA

Install Netflix App On OUYA


Up until last month, one of the things that kept OUYA from replacing my jailbroken apple tv2 was the absence of Netflix.

I have been out of the OUYA loop so I missed out on version 1.0 of Netflix. I believe since November 2013, Netflix for Ouya is up to version 3.0 and it works great. One thing to note, I haven’t found the option to switch between user accounts. So you login and it appears that the main account holder’s movie list is displayed.

The process of getting Netflix on your OUYA is extremly simple and is excuted in a matter of minutes. The hardest part of this process is finding the link to the Netflix APK. Luckly, if you’re on your OUYA right NOW, you can simply click on the following link NETFLIX 3.0 .APK FOR OUYA, and you should be brought to my Dropbox holding the Netflix APK for you to install.

For instructions to  install the Netflix app on OUYA, please watch my video below. I believe everything should be presented to you in a simple manner.


  1. Install FilePWN File Manager from the OUYA Discover Store
  2. Download and install the Dropbox .APK from
  3. Netflix .APK from


  1. Upload your Netflix .APK to your Dropbox account
  2. Through the side loaded Dropbox app, navigate to your Netflix upload and click on it to download to your OUYA’s DOWNLOADS folder
  3. Using FilePWN, navigate to your DOWNLOADS folder and select the Netflix .APK to install on your OUYA
  4. Once installed, you’ll find the Netflix app under the MAKE –> SOFTWARE section of your OUYA UI.
  5. Run NetFlix and login

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