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Essential Minecraft Handbooks


While walking through my local Costco, I stumbled on some really neat Minecraft guides. The guides are actual official books by Mojang; the developers of Minecraft. I like to call these guides, ‘essential Minecraft handbooks’ because the content in these books are great!

The books are hard cover, full colour with lots of illustrations. Mojang have done an excellent job at putting together this little handbook and they aren’t terribly expensive either.

At first I though there were only 2 handbooks, but after a quick search on Amazon, I found there are 2 MORE books that make up this exciting collections. Personally, I really like the books and I’m going to go after the other additional books as well.

I also looked at the reviews and its appears everyone is really satisfied with the books..so I’m not the only one who’s happy with these handbooks!

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If you’re interested in getting some helpful tips, and have a few dollars to spare, don’t hesitate in picking one or ALL of these books!

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