11 May 2008 ~ 0 Comments

The PN Chronicles Week 8 Update

Some of you out there may have noticed that there were no PN Chronicle updates for weeks 6 & 7. After a bit of bad luck, I was totally distracted with other occurring events in my family.

For week 6, I didn’t get a chance to do a weight in, for week 7, I managed to remember to weigh in but a day later than when I usually weigh in. But during the two weeks, I stayed very close following the the PN guide lines and have not seen any fluctuations in my weight. I guess that’s good news.

Now for my week 8 update, again no change. It’s actually a bit annoying but I’m going to TRY my hardest and hit my weekend goal of 175lbs. So that’s 2 lbs from my current weight. There weather has been decent, a little breezy at times bringing the temperature down but it’s perfectly fine for jogging/running.

So this week, I’m going to add some cardio on my off days from the gym. SO that’s Tuesday and Thursday, but if I feel cheeky maybe some cardio on my workout days in the evening.

Body Weight and Fat Tracker for Week 8
Weight: 177lbs.
Fat: 25.5%

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