12 April 2008 ~ 0 Comments

The PN Chronicles Week 5 Update

What a week it’s been.

On Monday and Tuesday I was home sick and had a few servings of orange juice to help beef up my vitamin C intake. And I finally went back to taking extra vitamin C and a multi-vitamin supplement.

Nothing out of the ordinary to report. My weight is still at 177lbs so better there than up.

Due to being sick I was only able to hit the gym on Thursday and Friday. If the weather is better tomorrow maybe I’ll do a quick run in the afternoon.

Next week will be a crazy week. I have a wedding on Saturday and a birthday on Sunday so that’ll be back to back feeding frenzy, we’ll see if I can make the best choices I can with my selection of food.

Other than that, there’s nothing else to report for the PN Chronicles. I wish I could see the scale decrease a little. Maybe it’s time for a change in my workout routine. My weight training does change every three weeks but maybe it’s time for something a little different. There is one program that’s caught my attention but I’ll keep you posted when I make that change.

Until next!

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